Climate Change and Water Quality in the Great Lakes

Climate Change and Water Quality in the Great Lakes

The Bullet Points

  • Potential changes in water quality caused by a changing climate
  • Possible land use changes resulting from human reactions to climate change
  • Decision making and reasonable reactions to today’s decisions when their effects won’t be felt for decades
  • Planning for climate change when forecasts are uncertain
  • Citizens’ beliefs about water quality
  • Perceived risks to people caused by water quality and stewardship

About the Speaker(s)

Dr. Anthony D. Kendall

Dr. Anthony D. Kendall

Anthony D. Kendall, is a Visiting Research Associate within the Department of Geological Sciences at Michigan State University. He studies the impacts of land use, land management, and climate change on water resources. His work focuses on field- and computationally-based research aimed toward a greater predictive capacity for simulating both historical and future changes to water quality and quantity in freshwater systems.

Dr. Robyn S. Wilson

Dr. Robyn S. Wilson

Robyn S. Wilson is the Assistant Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at Ohio State University. She studies the individual decision making process under risk and uncertainty, more specifically the factors that influence individual perceptions of risk and related behaviors. She is also interested in the development of communication efforts and decision support tools that assist individuals in making more informed choices.

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What Attendees Are Saying

  • “ Here in Minnesota we're using the webinars to provide current research updates. The information is pertinent and timely and by using the OSU webinars for content, we can spend time working on other aspects of climate adaptation. – B. Liukkonen, U of MN Extension

  • “ This is one of the most useful and accessible resources in the Great Lakes basin. Consider it a cornerstone of a growing network of climate professionals in this region. ”

  • “ Thank you, OSU, for providing such a useful tool! Keep’em coming! ”

  • “ Thanks for these webinars. A great resource. ”

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