Climate Change and Public Health Impacts in the Great Lakes Region

How could climate change affect the public health of our Great Lakes communities? This webinar will provide information about:

  • Health issues and concerns the Great Lakes region could face as our climate changes
  • Strategies and considerations of local health departments to evaluate, monitor and adapt to climate change, as well as available resources
  • Questions and barriers policy makers face as they prepare their communities for climate change

About the Speaker(s)

Dr. Jonathan Patz

Dr. Jonathan Patz

Jonathan Patz is a Professor & Director of Global Environmental Health at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He co-chaired the health expert panel of the US National Assessment on Climate Change and was a convening lead author for the United Nations/World Bank Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. For the past 15 years, Dr. Patz has been a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He is President of the International Association for Ecology and Health and has written over 90 peer-reviewed papers and a textbook addressing the health effects of global environmental change.

Mike McNutt

Mike McNutt

Mike McNutt is the Watershed Coordinator for the Tinkers Creek Watershed and an employee of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is involved in issues of watershed management, climate change, water quality, grant writing, and sustainability programs. He recently received full endorsement from the State of Ohio for the Tinkers Creek Watershed Action Plan and is assisting in the restoration of over 7,000 linear feet of stream through three separate grant funded projects.

Jane Goodman

Jane Goodman

Jane Goodman is in her second term as a City Council member in South Euclid, Ohio, an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland, and the only elected official in the region who comes from the environmental field. She is also Outreach & Communications Director for the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization, which manages the Cuyahoga River RAP. She authored “Changing Lands: A teacher’s guide to how urban sprawl affects natural systems” and has recently completed “The Watershed Book: A citizen’s guide to healthy streams and clean water.”

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What Attendees Are Saying

  • “ Here in Minnesota we're using the webinars to provide current research updates. The information is pertinent and timely and by using the OSU webinars for content, we can spend time working on other aspects of climate adaptation. – B. Liukkonen, U of MN Extension

  • “ This is one of the most useful and accessible resources in the Great Lakes basin. Consider it a cornerstone of a growing network of climate professionals in this region. ”

  • “ Thank you, OSU, for providing such a useful tool! Keep’em coming! ”

  • “ Thanks for these webinars. A great resource. ”

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